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Green Disruption Summit


The great European appointment of disruptive technologies for the green revolution.


Mérida Conference Center (EXTREMADURA-SPAIN), 17 June - 2021



You can still participate in person, by registering on June 17 at the Palacio de Congresos de Mérida You can also participate virtually, by registering at the following link:



With a European vision, from Extremadura, as an example of sustainability and an economic model based on the use of its natural resources, Green Disruption Summit makes a call to be the meeting point of disruptive technologies for a paradigm shift in which Europe it is called to be a world leader.

An appointment with a vocation for consolidation in the calendar of technological research and development centers, technology-based companies, industrial and service companies, investors and administrations related to the decarbonization of the production model and the ecological transition.

The green revolution: emergency, opportunity, and responsibility

Present and future have an appointment, as a response to the current emergency, as a source of opportunity for our global



With a triple objective: to communicate, raise awareness and connect, this meeting space for reflection and analysis, awareness and open innovation is born in which global and local, technological and business challenges arise for a change in the productive model and of coexistence. Together we must find ways in which economic and social development is compatible with environmental sustainability. A space to present and inspire disruptive solutions that lead to a radical change in the way we eat, move, generate energy and produce goods and services that contribute to achieving the ambitious objectives that we have set for ourselves as a continent in the Great Green Deal.

A disruptive approach

This implies suddenly interrupting the way things have been done so far, to provide radically new solutions that facilitate a paradigm shift. A disruptive approach will be the main source of global leadership that Europe aims to achieve in the development of green technologies from science and technology and through its companies and entrepreneurs.

Disruption is also a very necessary process for the redesign of public policies and for enforcing the agreements of the Paris Climate Summit, the European Union Green Deal, and COP-25.

Respect for the environment, action for the climate and climate change, the use of resources, their efficient use, and everything that has to do with sustainability is not only a priority and global issue: it is a source of competitiveness that the European productive fabric must take advantage of.

At Green Disruption Summit we seek practical and real solutions that help companies and researchers in the transition towards a greener and more responsible economy. Everything, with a clear vision: to promote business activity, its innovation, and internationalization.

Disruption is a very necessary process for the redesign of public policies and to enforce the agreements of the Paris Climate Summit, the Green Deal of the European Union and COP-25. 






Accreditation and attention to participants




- D. Antonio Rodríguez Osuna. Mayor of Mérida.

- Dª. Paula Pinho. Just Transition, Consumers, Energy Efficiency and Innovation (ENER.B). European Commission. European Union.

- D. Hugo Morán Fernández. Secretary of State for the Environment. 4th Vice Presidency of the Spain Government. Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

- D. Guillermo Fernández Vara. President of Extremadura.



Panel: Trends in the management of sustainable development and innovation.

Moderator: Silvia Morán Suero. GAIRBER research group. University of Extremadura.

- Javier Ponce. Director General de CDTi
- Ignacio Huici. Business Development Officer. EIT InnoEnergy
- José Miguel Ferrer. Green Urban Data
- Alfons Westgeest. Executive Director EUROBAT . Association of European automotive and industrial battery manufacturers
- Vicente Montes Jiménez. TRATAGUAS research group. University Institute of Water, Climate Change and Sustainability. University of Extremadura



Panel: Green Disruption & Startups.

Moderator: Juan Francisco Delgado. Executive Vice President of the INTEC Foundation

- Andre Forte Director of Community and Startups de Startups Portugal
- Álvaro Simón CEO ANCES
- Marcus Dantus CEO Startup Mexico



Panel: Investment in Green Disruption.

Moderator: Antonio Fernández Ruiz. Investor Cupido Capital

- Rudy Aernoudt. Senior Economist . DG Grow. European Commission . Escalar Initiative. (EU)
- Isaac Chocron. Manager Director Iberia Ourcrowd. (Israel)
- Cristina Romero. CEO UNIVEN Capital.
- Israel Pons. World Business Angels Investment Forum (México)



Elevator Pitch (Startups space)

(Call for Startups -INTEC Model) Launch May 7 and Deadline Jun, 10 2021.



Panel: The impact of disruptive technologies and accessibility in the green field.

Moderator: Soledad Diaz. Managing Director of APTE

- Montse Guardia. General Director of Alastria
- Jesus Hernandez. Director of Accessibility and Innovation of Fundación ONCE
- Guillermo Gil. Representative of the Interplatforms Group of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence of Planetic
- Federico Ruiz. Director of the 5G National Observatory
- Diego Porras. Representative of the CSIC Quantum Technologies Platform
- Javier Larrañeta. Secretary General of the Spanish Technological Platform for Industrial Safety (PESI)



Panel: New services for business sustainability.

Moderator: Francisco Pizarro. Business Development Director of Fundecyt-Pctex

- Enterprise Europe Network: The largest business network in the world at the service of SME sustainability.
- GREEN-D : Ecodesign and Eco-innovation for business competitiveness.
- NOVExport: Support for digital and spatial technologies in agro-industrial and environmental sectors.
- SIMBIEx 2030: Industrial Symbiosis as a key tool for the development of the Circular Economy.
- IAT: High Technology Incubator in Bioeconomy and Circular Economy.
- Ket4F-Gas: Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Fluorinated Gases through TFE.



Awards & Closing Ceremony

Awards to Startups by the Authorities
· Throughout the event there will be a demonstration área (Demo Zone) for the best startups and the most disruptive / innovative practices in Green Disruption
· During the event there will also be a tool for the B2B agenda for business meetings between Startups and investors.



Discover the news about the Green Disruption Summit

Las pruebas realizadas a pequeña escala han dado como resultado un composite biodegradable que presenta muy buenas características como alternativa a los plásticos no renovables. Se trata de la fabricación de un filamento a partir de bioplástico y fibra vegetal para su uso en impresoras 3D. Estos resultados forman parte de una línea de trabajo

Investigadoras de la Universidad de Extremadura logran convertir el desperdicio en extractos naturales gracias a una técnica no contaminante. Se acerca el buen tiempo y la cerveza, si es que alguna vez ha dejado de hacerlo, vuelve a apetecer. De media, cada español consume al año aproximadamente 52 litros de cerveza, según un informe del Ministerio de

El consejero de Economía, Ciencia y Digital de la Junta, Rafael España, dará a conocer el próximo martes, día 27 de abril, en una sesión online, el Digital Innovation Hub, iniciativa coordinada por Fundecyt-PCTEx y respaldada por la Comisión Europea que se constituye como ventanilla única de servicios de formación, servicios tecnológicos para la innovación



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